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Welcome to my re-designed Tunnels & Trolls page. In the five years since I last updated the site, much has changed in the Tunnels & Trolls community. The old mailing list collapsed for a myriad of reasons, and the "official" community has moved under Ken St. Andre's purview at Trollhalla. Of course, the biggest news is that a new edition of Tunnels & Trolls has been published by Fiery Dragon. I have it, and it is a nice upgrade to 5th edition. It maintains the basic feel of 5th edition while including a few of the unofficial 'house rules' that pretty much everyone was already using and adding a few new ideas from the big Troll himself.

January 2007 - Wonder of wonders, I have new content for you. I have added a bestiary of a few dozen monsters to use in your T&T games. If you ever played original D&D, some of them should feel familiar to you. The Bestiary can be found at the last link at the bottom of the page, and you can view the monsters online or download them to your computer. I have also developed a new version of the random dungeon generator, to be compatible with 7th edition and to make the generator a little easier to use. Follow the same link as before to grab the new generator.

If you have any questions about what you see here or if you want to discuss the game with me, you can email me.

Link Library

The current publishers of Tunnels & Trolls, they offer a special 30th anniversary edition of the 7th edition that comes in a metal tin, includes two supplementary booklets that include some monsters, treasure, and optional rules, plus you get playing counters, a play mat, and a CD with extras on it. It's a good deal.
The original publishers of Tunnels & Trolls, Flying Buffalo still offers many support items, including GM adventures, solitaire adventures, a fiction anthology (which is quite excellent, IMHO), and more.
Trollhalla is the current home of the online Tunnels & Trolls community. I am not a member, as I haven't played T&T for a few years, but if I ever have a chance to get a group going I will join in a heartbeat, as this is the best place to get cutting-edge advice on playing the game and extending the rules to entertain your players.
A page including the home-brewed rules that I usually play with. I have updated my house rules for 7th edition. As seems usual, while some of my old rules ideas got integrated in one form or another into 7th edition, I just can't keep myself from tweaking the rules to provide additional options.
This takes you to a page where you can download a random dungeon generator (a paper-based, roll your own dice type of generator) that you can use to create a dungeon for an adventuring party to delve. This works either for creating a dungeon for a group of players, or in a dynamic fashion as a big, random solo adventure. Arguably my finest work for the game, I am in the process of doing a significant revision of the generator to bring it in line with 7th edition and remove some of its oddities. Until the revision is finished (it is in playtesting mode currently), the original edition is still available.
This link takes you to a GM dungeon-delve adventure designed for 5th edition. It should still be perfectly fine for use in 7th edition. it provides a nice, solid adventure for beginning characters. Ken St. Andre himself even used it (with some changes, I'm sure) at a convention once, so you know it's gold.
My other significant Tunnels & Trolls project, I have written a solitaire adventure for the game. Written for 5th edition, it should play perfectly fine under 7th. It was originally intended to be the start of a series of adventures, but the sequels were never written due to my graduating from school and getting a real job. Still, some people really liked it, so feel free to give it a shot.
A list of suggested Talents for use in 7th edition games, for people who would like some ideas of possible Talents to give their characters.
The Bestiary, containing dozens of monsters and foes to challenge your players, or to challenge yourself if using the new edition of my random dungeon generator.