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Miniature Chess program is now available via onboard computer.


OpenGL & OpenGL ES
- Open Source & Demos -


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September 30, 2008

Common bugs
in Havok, PhysX, Bullet, ODE, Ogre, Newton.. SOLVED

Bug 1.) Few subSteps: "Moon gravity effects"
bUg 2.) A lot of subSteps: "Spiraling to death"
buG 3.) Interpolation VS. Temporal Distribution

Common mistakes and bugs
related to fixedTimeStepping - UNCOVERED:
a) Design-Time Planning and Recognition of Min. Sys. Requirements
b) "Scaling the World" and Hidden Effects of fixedTimeStepping
c) Jitter, Choppiness and Slowdowns: Unstable Physics & Smooth Animation

Common pitfalls
for any kind of simulation, say - MOLECULAR DYNAMICS

-"An Iterative Variable time-step Algorithm for Molecular Dynamics Simulations"

-"Error and timing analysis
of multiple time-step integration methods for molecular dynamics"

-"Molecular dynamics simulations,
using multiple time-step integration, hampered by resonance instabilities"

Allegory Novella, Tech. Paper
& Chronicles of an Algorithm discovery:

Three bugs with one stone.. allegory continues

Quick Algotirthm Overview:

...where you Make & Play games




Polar Elephant Studios
Linux based OpenGL development system without X


- Elite remake -

Mission Elite: The Battle for Birera

Mission description:


TinySDGL port (source code + x86 & ARM Linux binaries)
- x86 binaries should work on any Linux PC with or without X11
- arm binaries should be compatible with Linux mobile device

Qtopia port (source code + static Linux binary)

Glut -1st remake (Windows binary + Visual Studio source code)





OpenGL in Windows
whats Linux anyway?

Shadows, shadows, shadows...

Chief Wiggum:
"They only come out in the night. Or in this case... the day."


goal 1: 100% COMPLETE
Test/compare Real-Time multiple Light/Shadow algorithms, now using ARB depth/shadow texture, ARB multitexture & Frame Buffer Objects extensions...

goal 2: %80, (test stage COMPLETE)
Linux (myOS) conversion, (no accelerated texture read),
* game colection to be included in myOS X-less r0.4 including Star Trek Classic - text/console & OpenGL based conversion...
[NOTE, never did Star Trek OpenGL conversion, instead coded Elite remake]
* Metal Gear Solid like 1st stage demo, FPS > 120, without texturing - conclusion: APPLICABLE

goal 3: 40%, basic implementation (Linux - myOS, C only)
* Stage editor, camera scripting, dialog/text balloons, AI

key concern: %100 SOLVED
speed, simplicity in introducing additional dynamic and/or static lights to scene dynamically without need to calculate/compare geometry data with new glFog based algorithm, where fade-out trick effectively culs off light frustum and in return allows for seamless integration of lights, independant of position and orientation, also makes room for additional image-space effects and object ID sorting in alpha channel or transparent body/colored glass shadows - all in one pass.

project status: 70% of test stage - COMPLETE
[incorporate fog-fadeout in distance with polygon alpha ID] [need edit]

stage3 + Fix for ATI (source + binary)
New 3D Engine-stage 3 (binary), 20/Dec/06

this should run smoothly
on Radeon 9600 / nVIDIA FX5200 or better

be sure to have latest drivers

Quick hack controls: W, S, A, D

Implemented Vertex Buffer Objects - Vertex Arrays, turns out display list outperforms VBOs, but not much, so it looks like a nice generic solution to hold static and dynamic background. Controls: W, S, A, D to move around, hold right Mous and drag up/down to zoom camera in/out, CTRL+Mous to pan, SPACE to cycle light views, left Mous to fire and ESC to exit. [need edit]


New 3D Engine-stage 2 (source + binary), 15/Dec/06

Multiple lights, spot, directional, fade-out in distance, per-pixel illumination, no shaders! Frame Buffer Objects, ARB multitexture and ARB depth (shadow) texture extension, motion blur and other post-render image effects come for free as all is rendered to textures anyway.... FBO doesnt need depth renderbuffer as long as it have attached texture with depth component, this is surprisingly faster even with GL_FALSE read, write to color, so rendering to both depth and RGB(A) textures over FBO is faster than just rendering to depth texture, and since is faster to render all at once its cheap to combine other effects with shadow texture, like fog for light/shadows intensity fade-out, spotlight circles, projected transparent colored surfaces and so on...[need edit]


New 3D Engine (binary.. where the hell is the source), 3/Dec/06

Support for MD2 animated meshes, basic light&shadow MD2 animated model




The following demos were developed for 3dfx Voodoo graphic card using MESA OpenGL drivers and Borland C/C++, source code is lost, but luckily they still work(more or less) on todays hardware...

Design, modeling, animation,
textures, coding, sound and image editing by me

Zarch *** TURN ON 'Wait for vertical refresh' in Win. settings***

Zarch remake features particles, auto-guided missiles, shadow casting, physics, AI, destructible terrain, water effects, music and sound effects.


2Frames & Skelet

2Frames features interpolated key-frame animation, buffer to texture and texture to buffer effects like shadows and motion blur effect.

Skelet features reflection, shadows and blending light, particle and accumulation buffer effects.


Black Jack & Video Poker

Moving mouse to top-left corner will bring up the rules for the choosen game.


OpenGL Tetris (source code)

This download contains Visual C++ 6.0 version of Tetris, originally coded as single file that compiles with Borland C++ 5.5 command line compiler. One day project given to me as a part of some 'game programmer skill test'.


Java Snake, 2000
After playing again this one...
im not sure if its silly for me to say, but this game turned
out to be great! ...or maybe, im just happy it still works.. like new!
This is a full game, featuring AI, increasing level difficulty, single player/multiplayer option - against computer snake or friend sharing the keyboard (hot-seat)

(coded in 7 days for University assignment) "A very exciting game of snake. One of the most creative version I've seen. If you're a fan of this popular game, you must try this one. Compete with computer for the longest tail."




*not working opengl

Star Wars demos, lost source code, lost sound files. This collection featured playable levels in space, on ground, over Death Star and Big asteroid. 3 ships to fly X-wing, Tie-fighter and Millenium Falcon with outside and cockpit view. Friendly and enemy AI, effects like sun-flares, lense effects, hyperspace space distortion, exposions... not working on non-Voodoo hardware, requires some old version of MESA's OpenGL.DLL and freezes without sound files :-(

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