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You have reached the official website of the infamous Russian-American poet Alexander Shaumyan.



Dear Comrades,


These web pages are meant to inspire you, disturb you and amuse you. If you enjoy poetry, you came to the right place.   Here you will find my satirical social commentary and lyrical poetry of love, rebellion, and loneliness.


Some of these pages contain material which may be unsuitable for minors and/or small-minded people. If strong language or references to adult situations will bother you, then I might suggest going here. Good luck. Otherwise, please continue exploring.


Thanks to all who've been reading my poetry. It's been quite a ride!





My Jung-Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ (or The Protector). Learn about yours by going here. Do you know someone or love someone with borderline personality disorder (BPD)? You're not crazy. Loving someone with BPD can be a living hell. "The person with a borderline personality is impulsive in areas that have a potential for self-destruction. Relationships with others are intense and unstable. The person will go through frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment by others, and express mood instability and inappropriate anger. There may also be identity uncertainty concerning self-image, long-term goals or career choice, sexual orientation, choice of friends, and values." BPD is a real psychiatric disorder that can be successfully treated with drugs and therapy. I've posted an article with information on what it is and how to identify it. Read more here.



This site is constantly under construction, so please do keep checking back for all the latest updates!



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