Hello you lovely travelers, my name is Madperson, and I welcome you to the only page on the web (in my knowledge, and that might change tomorrow ^^;) that celebrates the (completely) fanfictional relationship between... aa, you recognized those eyes, Kaoru and Enishi... And yes, you Ls and Gs, I did say relationship. No, not of the prisoner/captor kind. 

Kaoru and...WHAT?!? Yes again, dear reader, I *know* what you're thinking. I *know* you want to tell me that I must be out of my mind. Maybe I am!   
So now that you've been warned, you can leave this God-forsaken place and head toward more auspicious anime fandoms... or proceed into my world of romantic wackiness. ^_~  
And for those of you who're still with me (::looks around worriedly:: hello, hello?) what's in here? Well, this page has been created mainly for the purpose of exposing the reasons for my perverted relationshipping (I really believe Watsuki sensei is in part responsible for this) introducing my weird Kaoru/Enishi fanfiction and possibly show case some fanart later on. 

This page is quite obviously a baby, so I'll welcome every bit of suggestions and ideas that might come from you guys. If you're interested, speak up--- I mean, type up, I'd love to talk to someone who shares, or at least understands my warped views. Even if you feel really ticked off and want to flame me, go ahead, I'm flame proof !! 

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Oh lord, look, I even made a banner. Just in case. ^^;

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